Indi:d – part of Everest

Indi:d is part of Everest. And a very important part at that, which is very much appreciated by our customers. Behind essentially every delivery is not only the expertise of our Swedish consultants, but also a group of equally competent Indian developers based in the IT metropolis Bengaluru (formerly Bangalore).

Indi:d gives our deliveries both breadth and an edge. This breadth comes thanks to the fact that each consultant has the backing of an entire team of developers with many years of experience of Business Central and the Nordic market. The edge comes through always having the capacity to explore and try out the latest innovations, as well as to get into the nitty-gritty of more established technologies.

Today, complex and heavy specifications that are sent back and forth simply aren’t used. Work takes place seamlessly with the help of the latest technology and close contact. This all ensures the highest possible quality, at the lowest cost, in the shortest time without the well-known risks of traditional outsourcing.

There is close co-operation and contact with Indi:d on a daily basis, which maintains the highest possible quality and efficiency for our customers. Thanks to our watertight procedures, we avoid the risks traditionally associated with outsourcing. We do not outsource jobs to Indi:d. We work on jobs together with Indi:d.

We believe that development, testing, migration, and upgrades of Business Central should be beneficial. We want our customers to get the best they can afford out of their business systems. Is Indi:d our solution to this? Yes, indeed!

Indi:d carries out tasks relating to:

  • New implementations

  • Customer-specific development (NAV/D365 Business Central)

  • Upgrades (NAV/D365 Business Central)

  • Integration

  • Migration

  • Support and maintenance

  • Development and installation of add-ons/extensions

  • Microsoft Power Platform

  • Offshore development

  • Installations

Indi:d is fantastic! We’ve been working with them for so long that we now have direct contact with them. My previous experience of offshore is that you need to specify everything exactly, but Indi:d is so experienced in the system that simple discussion is enough. It suits us perfectly! 

Henrik Pettersson, Stena Metall

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