Everest Master
Data Management

Everest Master Data Management is an add-on/extension that allows for the efficient management and exchange of master data between companies within the same group. It ensures that all data is always in sync, which is essential when comparing companies and for reporting, for example.

A company (existing or fictitious) is set as the master. The data that is included in the solution is stated at table level, as well as whether this is to be deferred to other companies or only made available to download. Of course, you can exclude fields so that a field in a master data table can be changed locally. An example of this is being able to block an account locally.

This is a completely standalone solution, which means it does not affect standard objects. It is available for all versions of Dynamics Navision up to Dynamics 365 Business Central. It is also possible to exchange master data between different versions, which makes the solution useful when upgrading.

Examples of data that can be handled as master data:

  • Suppliers

  • Customers

  • Items

  • Chart of accounts

  • Dimensions

  • Settings tables such as accounting templates

All logic, standards, and additional adaptations are validated when data is exchanged between companies in the solution, which ensures that data integrity remains intact. Communication is immediate.

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