Continia Payment Management

High quality and security throughout the payment process.

Are your payment processes too time-consuming?

Managing payments can turn into a costly process for your company, as supplier payments are often associated with unnecessary costs. These can include late payments and late fees, time spent on correcting errors, missed discounts, and resources used to import and export files to and from the bank, among many other things. This extra work and these extra costs could have been spent on strengthening and developing the business instead.

By using Continia Payment Management you get a more stable payment flow as payment information is generated and validated throughout the payment process. When you use the extension, a wide range of payment methods and definitions for identifying payments are created automatically.

Using the Direct Communication module, all payments, status files, and account statements are automatically transferred to and from the bank, which eliminates the time-consuming and non-secure process of manual file imports and exports to and from the bank.

This extension makes it easier than ever to pay your suppliers.

Features and benefits of the app:
  • Direct bank communication.

  • Full integration is available for a wide range of banking formats (e.g. SEPA, CAMT054)

  • Help with creating bank accounts and supplier payment information.

  • Advanced configuration of payment journals.

  • Payments to multiple banks from a single payment journal.

  • Advanced bank reconciliation with Statement Intelligence (add-on product for bank reconciliation).

Version support
Microsoft Dynamics NAV - Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Supported countries
Denmark, Norway, Sweden

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