Continia Expense Management

Never miss an expense again!

Create travel expense logs straight from your phone

With this app, you no longer have to go into the office after a business trip to hand in your physical receipts. Continia Expense Management 365 records travellers’ day-to-day activities and expenses to create a clear real-time overview of expenses for the entire company.

Record expenses and attach pictures of receipts using the phone app for Continia Expense Management 365. Travellers can easily complete their travel expense logs while out in the field by taking a picture, completing the mandatory fields, and sending the log straight to the finance department.

Expenses paid using a credit card are imported straight into Dynamics 365 Business Central and automatically linked to the registered receipts.

Approve travel expense logs on the go

Do you need to approve a travel expense log when you’re away from the office? It’s easy to do! Travel expense logs can be approved either directly in Dynamics 365 Business Central or online via your browser. In this way, everyone in the organisation can access the approval process at any time.

When approving travel expense logs, you will see the original receipt on the screen and can either approve, reject, pause, or forward the expense to someone else for review or approval. It’s also easy to add comments and attachments.


Easily accessible documents

Continia Expense Management 365 archives all original documents, and you can always access them using the standard navigation feature in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Features and benefits of the app:

  • Efficient handling and recording of travel expense logs

  • Unique iPhone and Android app

  • Integration with the company’s credit cards

  • Registration of mileage allowances

  • Ability to integrate with payroll systems

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